Inspiration by: Kristin Yttredal

I always seek inspiration so I ask people featured on the blog to answer questions on what inspires them. Kristin is featured in a post I made from A Girls-talk a Thursday Evening in Stavanger, I'd love for you to read the whole story here. If you could ask one inspiring woman one question, who … Continue reading Inspiration by: Kristin Yttredal

Girl’s talk on a Thursday evening ❤️

Meet Nina Sandvik, Jenny Sandvik and Kristin Yttredal. I truly love a great conversation with interesting people. Last week I had a chance to pick the brains of three inspiring women. Oh, I enjoyed my self, and I'm so grateful and happy they're okay with me sharing some of our reflections here. Nina is from … Continue reading Girl’s talk on a Thursday evening ❤️

Let’s be joyful and inspire each other!

New year and new beginnings! Also concerning this blog. For those who have followed me for a while, you might wonder why I've changed the language - from Norwegian to English. Well, first and foremost, I think it's time Norwegian women connect with the rest of the world, so why shouldn't I do that in … Continue reading Let’s be joyful and inspire each other!

Nysgjerrighet og growth mindset

Har du noen gang tenkt over hvilke "brilleglass" du har på deg når du tolker omgivelsene dine? Tenker du noen gang over hvor utrolig mange ferdig definerte mønster og programmer vi benytter oss av når vi møter partner, barn, venner og kolleger? Og er du åpen for at med nye eller andre "brilleglass" kan samtaler … Continue reading Nysgjerrighet og growth mindset