Inspiration by: Kristin Yttredal

I always seek inspiration so I ask people featured on the blog to answer questions on what inspires them.

Kristin is featured in a post I made from A Girls-talk a Thursday Evening in Stavanger, I’d love for you to read the whole story here.

If you could ask one inspiring woman one question, who would it be and what would you ask? My inspiring woman is – Anita Krohn Traaseth. This is from Aftenposten March 2018: “Det er problemer når det blåser. Vinden står i døren hvordan du enn snur huset.” My question would be: Are you planning on writing another book, if yes – what will be the theme?

When are you curious? I am curious when meeting new people, seeing new places and starting new projects/tasks at work.

How do you feel creative? I feel creative with colors. I love baking and cooking. Knitting (for babies) and gardening. Interiors, architecture. Inspiration through books, films, music and art.

Who’s style inspires you? I love the style of Helena Christensen – 50 and fabulous!

What’s your favorite vacation destination, and why? My favorite vacation destination in Europe is Ferragudo on the Algarve Coast in Portugal. Found our favorite beach with a great fish restaurant. Take beautiful walks on the cliffs or a round of golf on one of the golfcourses nearby. I also loved Cape Town because of it’s location close to the Sea and with a short way to the vineyards surrounded by high mountains.

Do you have a bucket-list, if yes – can you share one thing you haven’t crossed out yet? Building my own house or hytte.

Do you have a recipe for something healthy, that takes 10 minutes or less to make? If yes, can you share? Cauliflower soup on the (Norwegian) blog,, or Vidar Bergum (“Et kjøkken i Istanbul”). This recipe is in Norwegian:

Blomkål med krydder, krønsj og sitronyoghurt (steking 15-30 min. 220 gr.)

1 liten eller 0,5, stor blomkål, i buketter (ca. 400 gr.)

3 ss olivenolje

1,5 ts spisskummen (hele)

1,5 ts korianderfrø (hele)

1 ts pul biber (alternativt 1/2 ts røkt paprikapulver)

0,5 ts chiliflak, eller etter smak

0,5 ts gurkemeie

40 gr. mandler, grovhakkede

150 gr. yoghurt

skallet fra 0,5 sitron, finrevet

0,5 ss sitronsaft, eller etter smak

1 ss finhakket bladpersille, til garnityr

salt og pepper

Do you have a favorite book you have read and one you want to read? My favorite book is “Karitas” (+ “Kaos på lerret”) by Kristin Marja Baldursdottir. Womens’ fates at the beginning of 1900 on Iceland. My new book is “Jordens Arvinger” by Ildefonso Falones (“Cathedral of the Sea” sequel), from the 1300s in Barcelona.

Do you have a favorite app? If yes, which one and why? My favorite app is Wordfeud (Scrabble online). I play with 3-4 people on a general basis, both friends and my mother in law. We actually chat and message one another there mostly. I like competition and it expands my vocabulary. (I always use “standard board”, and I think I set a new record the other day with 640 points against Line with 345).

Do you have a favorite podcast? If yes, which one and why? My favorite podcast is the Norwegian “Bra damer” with Guri Solberg. She is good, she talks with interesting women and the topics are engaging.


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