Who do you want to be, and what do you want to accomplish in 2020?

I've been asking myself this for as long as I can remember. Or that's not true actually. I started asking myself these questions when I realized a lot of people I thought knew me very well, didn't really. It got me thinking. Who do I want to be? What do I want people to say … Continue reading Who do you want to be, and what do you want to accomplish in 2020?

Exploring Silicon Valley – part 1

This blog post is long overdue since I visited San Francisco and Silicon Valley late November/early December 2018. It's been a while, but I had the most incredible, mind blowing and educational excursion. I came back with a broader mindset and a deeper understanding of how work, work-life and businesses will look, a few years … Continue reading Exploring Silicon Valley – part 1

Welcome work-year 2019!

First things first. I am thrilled to note that I have some international followers - welcome to my Norwegian blog! I love connecting with the world - how about it if we could inspire each other across geography and culture?  I've been up to a great start in the new year so far. It's mucho importante … Continue reading Welcome work-year 2019!

Inspiration by: Nina Sandvik

I always seek inspiration so I ask people featured on the blog to answer questions on what inspires them. Nina is featured in a post I made from A Girls-talk a Thursday Evening in Stavanger, I'd love for you to read the whole story here. If you could ask one inspiring woman one question, who … Continue reading Inspiration by: Nina Sandvik