Hi, I am Kristine in Stavanger, Norway.

My plan for this blog is to help and inspire people to release their full potential. Find their voice and act authentically and for good.

Professionally I am a Brand Strategist and my passion is to help leaders and businesses use their platform for good. To help as many as possible build strong brands that improve people and planet.

I made a huge career move in 2018, when I resigned from a fun and engaging job – which also payed well! But no job gives the autonomy like being an entrepreneur. Being your own boss, making your own choices. I really love it, and together with family and friends, it truly is the essence of my life. I’d love for more people to make the same move. A career move. Not necessarily into building your own business, but by taking charge of your own life story by doing what you are intended to do. That will bring you joy and happiness.

I believe we can inspire one another across borders, cultures and genders. Inspire to feel more Joy, become more Happy, create more peace & love. In our private lives as well as in our professional lives.

I’d love for you to join me, and I would truly appreciate it if you have tips and triks you want to share with me, if you think it will make this blog more interesting and engaging. Please send a message to happyhippiegoddess on facebook, or comment whereever you’d like here.

I’ve had this blog for years, and until 2019 I mostly blogged in Norwegian. However I now blog in English because I think we are all connected through taking care of this amazing planet together, globally.

Peace & love!

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