And we’re back!

It’s been a while since I paid any attention to her, my Happyhippiegoddess. There has been so much else to focus on. A new world order and all that. But she’s been creeping back into my spine, and now she’s here again, on my shoulder – loud and clear! And boy am I glad she revisited! This time I’ll do what it takes to keep her here, hopefully for good this time.

This past month I have facilitated several Brand Strategy workshops. I just love them! I love to help businesses find their core, helping them formulate what it is that they do, how they do it and Why. It’s awesome, fun and rewarding every single time! But in parallell I am supposed to build my own landing page. And I realize that I have to do a Brand Strategy workshop on myself too. Become very specific on what it is that I can help my customers with, how I do it and Why. Of course it’s not that I don’t know what I do, but as an entrepreneur I realize that what may seem easy to explain in your mind might not be so simple to communicate, and sometimes I end up confusing people… Such a paradox! With a master in communication and more than ten years of experience in building brands – and I can’t turn a simple elevator pitch into an aspiring vision that’s easy to explain and understand. In Norwegian we have a saying “the shoemaker’s children” – meaning that the shoemaker fixes everyone else’s shoes but their own children’s…. Yup, that might be me. It’s so much fun helping other brands, and it gets so hard when I try to help myself! 😱 But I will do it, and I might even tell you when my landing page is published. 😉

Anyway – today started with a couple of great meetings. We were talking about focus, values and work, and again it became so clear to me that I need to stay true to my values. Working as a consultant is hard, but oh so rewarding. I love being my own boss, putting my energy into what fuels me with more energy, but occasionally I’m hired to do work that doesn’t feel like great work. I take great pride in my work. I stay on top of things and I am constantly developing my skills to stay way ahead of my market – why should anyone pay me to work for them if I didn’t do that, right? And then it just does not feel good or right when they have specified what they want and how I should do it, even if I’m skilled to do it so much better. I don’t like that, and I hope that soon I’ll be able to honestly say that I shouldn’t be the one to take on those tasks.

One of my strongest assets is my ability to challenge the existing. I’ve always worked that way. I love to challenge, because I know it makes us better. I have a recording (on my LinkedIn profile) of one of my former leaders who said I was possibly the most demanding employee he’d ever known, but he also pointed out that if I hadn’t challenged we wouldn’t have achieved so much. I’m so glad he said that, because that is what it’s about. I don’t challenge for the sake of challenging, but I truly believe that there are always better solutions, and my job is to find them. I also believe that we all have so much potential, sometimes we just need help to find it. The best way to find it is to be challenged. Not necessarily comfortable, but oh so rewarding and worth it! 🤩 So I know that I should work with people who appreciate being challenged for the better. That always ends up with making them feel better as well. Because we love to do good. We all do. It’s the way we are wired.

This evening I went for a walk and I listened to my happy-music, and that’s when the Happyhippiegoddess just wouldn’t give me a break. I was walking for an hour, and she was constantly on my shoulder telling me to just go do it – start blogging again. So here we are. Me and my goddess. Reunited. Definitely happy. Both of us! 💃🏼

Here’s my plan. I’m blogging again, and this time I am challenging myself to always share something I believe is of value to you too. Today I will pass on a great reminder I got during one of mye meetings: Watch Brenè Brown! She is so amazing! She has a podcast, TED-talks and she’s on Netflix. I really love her, and I think you will too! And even if you’ve already seen her shows you should see them again. I will for sure. She talks about vulnerability and resilience. So important these days.

Check out my new “about”-section. If you’re familiar with my blog already, you’ll see that I have made some changes. New times makes for new changes right? The blog has to continue to be my free space, but my life focuses a lot around my work which is about providing my customers with tools to help them use their leadership- and/or brand platforms to influence authentically. Help them use their voice, position and platforms to activate for good and to contribute to necessary changes in society. I believe we can all do that. We can all do something. I hope you think so too.

Peace & love ✌🏼❤️🏳️‍🌈

2 thoughts on “And we’re back!

  1. Elsker Brene Brown!
    har også hørt mye på Mel Robbins og Glennon Doyle på Youtube, verdt å sjekke ut ;)
    velkommen tilbake til bloggen, har savnet innleggene dine!

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