Are you going a bit crazy too?

Or is it just me….? And just to be clear, I am SO THANKFUL for living in this wonderful Norwegian country. We are truly blessed with a government that we trust and have so many reasons to feel grateful for, because they do a great job, and we are so well taken care of. #mahalo 🙏🏼

I was supposed to go to Hawaii in a couple of days. I was going to explore coworkingspaces and startup-communities in Honolulu, as well as beautiful beaches and trails on Oahu and Big Island. Which of course now I’m not. It must be okay to be a bit bummed, right?

However, I am so sad for the awful numbers we see coming from Italy and Spain, they are gross reminders of the hopeless situation we’re all in. We are used to be in control of basic needs like having a secure job, making an income so we can pay our bills and do our stuff. Suddenly that security is ripped away from many of us, we might not see solutions in the short sight and I’m sure we all feel a bit scared by all the casualties taking place all over the world.

I have signed up for too many newsletters, they are literally cramming my inbox, but today one of them caught my eye by this quote:

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

G. Michael Hopf

The quote gave me positive energy, and it reminded me of how important it is, especially now to make an effort to build the right mindset, and to choose to look at this challenge as a way to build resilience and strengthen our belief that we will get through to the other side as better people in a better world. Of course we need to look into what can go wrong, study it, analyze it and come up with solutions for how we can take on even greater challenges if they should come. But once you have come up with a plan-B, you’re done for now. Make a note to self that whatever happens, you will get through, and start focusing on the world and life you want to create. Put your mind on the stuff that bring you energy, the positive side of things. That is where you should keep your mind.

Do you take time to look at your wins these days? Like how do you juggle your life? How do you find time to help your kids cope, do your job from your home, and are you good at spending at least a bit time doing things you love? And what about your bad days? Do you share it with someone you trust? Don’t you feel grateful that you have a person like that? And if you think you don’t, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. You see, it takes one to know one. Maybe you just need to ask for it, or maybe you need to ask if you can be one for someone?

How do you handle the hard times? Do you have this inner villain too, or the bad-bitch-not-goddess sitting on your shoulder laughing at you for believing in yourself? You need to kill her you know. Everything killing your vibe need to go! We all go through rough times, and generations before us have done it too. We always come out stronger – if that is what we choose to do. We have to make it a choice.

What if all this happens for a reason?

What if Mother Earth is sending us a message now that enough is enough. We’ve been killing her vibe, step by step and piece by piece. Maybe she just can’t take it anymore. We need to start regenerating and filling up her energy, and I think the best way to do it is to start with ourselves, our families and our communities. I took a course a while ago on how to get better at predicting the future. Do you know what? It all comes down to looking for signs and creating the future that you want. Let’s do this together! Look for all the signs of the beautiful world we are about to create. A calmer one, with more room for kindness, tolerance and togetherness. Gathering these signs make me truly happy. Try it and see for yourself! 😍

Peace & love

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