Let’s be joyful and inspire each other!

New year and new beginnings! Also concerning this blog. For those who have followed me for a while, you might wonder why I’ve changed the language – from Norwegian to English. Well, first and foremost, I think it’s time Norwegian women connect with the rest of the world, so why shouldn’t I do that in every way I can? First step had to be to go English here. By doing that we can unite with women all over the world, and Norwegian readers who feel they don’t master English – well, they get some necessary training! ☺️

Some might also notice I’ve made adjustments in the categories. I have downsized and simplified from 16 (or was it 17?) to 4. And of course there is the fifth: Uncategorized. I have labeled the posts from 2018, but earlier ones will now be found in the uncategorized category.

New categories

The Story-category will be stories on women who have made various choices, in life, in their careers or whatever actually. I find so many women have an interesting story to tell, and there are always things we can relate to, learn from each other and be inspired by. Stories aren’t necessarily interviews, they can just as well be guest-bloggers telling an interesting story, or me telling a story I think should be told here. (Please let me know if you have tips on interesting stories you’d like to read here, by sending a message to happyhippiegoddes at facebook).

Learning is such a big part of life! My biggest wish for this blog is to share content that can contribute to more women using and releasing their full potential. I love learning, and I think most people do too.

Joy and Working could be the same category for me. I’m serious! But I realize it’s not like that for everybody, so I figure the Working category is for business and work-related stuff – and Joy is everything else worth blogging about! I have decided to spend my time on what brings me Joy and Happiness, and I’m constantly working on that. Because it is hard work. Not the kind of work that’s business-related, but the kind of work you need to do to improve and develop. Nothing is a given, we need to get better at realizing that, being thankful, continually improve ourselves and be happy and Joyful.

Hope you stay with me!

Peace & love to all of you and best regards, Kristine

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