Preparing for a new year

Okay, so we’re aproaching check-in 2020 and check-out 2019. Whenever this time of year appears, I get philosophical, reflect even more than I usually do, and feel the urge go deeper than normal. What were my plans for this year? Did I go through with them? Did I reach my goals? Am I content with where I’m at right now?

To be completely honest, I definitely did not stick to my plans. But, I don’t know if detailed plans set at a beginning of a new year is something you actually should go through with? Things change – right? And to my experience things change so fast now – one great assets would be to rather become as flexible and resilient as possible.

2019 has workwise primarily been about two major projects I have delivered for my former employer. The projects I have been given are so complex and challenging – my personal growthscale pivots for every assignment. I love working with them – my opinion is that resigning and now working with an organization I know so well from the inside, is a win-win. I get to grow both personally and professionally by having to always aim to deliver way more than expected. Otherwise they won’t see a reason for buying from me, right? I need to be Customer Obsessed, 24/7. But I think it’s a win for them as well. When you work within an organization that in so many ways are set in complex and established processes, pretty well knit together culturally, self-sufficient in so many ways – well, then my opinion is you need someone who can challenge you from the outside. We live in an unpredictable and to many, an uncomprehendable world, constantly on the alert with regards to where we’re being disrupted.

My opinion is we all need someone who can challenge our day-to-day life, no matter what roles or situations we find ourselves in.

But being challenged is a fine art. I work on being challenged every single day. I have spent several years now realizing that being challenged is the best way to growth. Not the easiest, but by far the best. Being challenged normally puts me in a state where I start to wonder, contemplate, research, open my eyes. If I manage to welcome being challenged the right way, there are loads of new insight and learning ahead. But I normally realize I’m being challenged by first becoming angry and frustrated. So perks of being 50+ is that I have experienced this in so many years, I now recognize the pattern, and then I know that I need to cool down before I speak…. If I manage to do this, that’s normally when the fun-growth-process start. I’m not saying it’s easy, but in the end, it’s always fun.

So, in stead of working on a plan for 2020, I am working on how I can get projects and assignments that will bring both me and my clients growth. Oh, so much more fun than the traditional planning! 😍🥳🤸🏼‍♂️

Hopefully I have inspired some of you to do the same. 🤩

Wishing you a great week with lots of peace & love!

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