Okay, so 2019 was not a great year for blogging on my account…. I must admit it’s been hard to find the time, and it’s been a tricky to connect the blog with all my other doings. From having a ball blogging in Norwegian, and just from my heart, I wanted to make two changes:

  1. Switch to English
  2. Make it more valuable to you – give you something to take away from every post

Switching to English

Being part of startup communities, working with colleagues and clients outside Norway, having dear friends around the world – there are so many reasons for not keeping this dialogue in Norwegian. That would exclude so many people and subjects I find interesting!

I know what future I want, and all the changes I make are connected to that. I know I have started to work in a way that will be “the normal” in the future. I know I’m part of communities and societies that are no longer restricted or divided by geography, but by common interests, passion, and mindsets. I know that we can only grow by interacting with others and that growth happens when we expand our minds through curiosity towards what we don’t know or don’t understand.

Last – but not least – women in Scandinavia need to engage and connect with women across borders! And by that, I mean across geography, culture, age, gender, background etc. Today most people agree that we need a 50/50 gender balance generally all over, and we need more diversity. I believe the way to accelerate and push faster forward is to engage and connect.

Make this more valuable to you

My plan is to give you key takeaways in every blog-post. I love what I do – I know that sounds a bit cheezy – but I really do.

Did you know that Gallup’s State of the Workplace survey 2017 shows that only 10% of employees in western Europe are engaged in their work?

I am part of that 10%, and I want to do whatever I can for that 10% to grow. I don’t think that implies everyone needs to start their own business, but I do believe that if 90% of us continue to be disengaged, that will result in more unhappiness, suffering and depression.

Most of all I want this place to be about inspiring each other! I want it to be about how we can help each other grow, get more out of life and have more fun! Because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – right? 😍🥳🤸🏼‍♂️

This really is my happy place….

Blogging about this and that makes me happy, it’s like writing a diary, but I will try to keep out the boring stuff, and as I already mentioned – my plan is to give you some key takeaways every time I post. Today was more like an intro, but the fact that only 10% of employees in the western part of Europe are engaged in their work is a kind of takeaway. It might not feel like it but what if it makes you start wondering if you are satisfied and engaged in your life. And what if you get constructive about it? Anyway – have a great day or evening wherever you are, and hope to see you here again! 

Peace & love – see you soon!

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