Welcome work-year 2019!

First things first. I am thrilled to note that I have some international followers – welcome to my Norwegian blog! I love connecting with the world – how about it if we could inspire each other across geography and culture? 

I’ve been up to a great start in the new year so far. It’s mucho importante to focus on what makes you happy – right? So, that’s what I am doing. January, which is now coming to an end, has been a preparation-month, preparing for a couple of big projects kicking off in February, and I got to kick-off my first project together with Danish colleagues – totally awesome. I am so inspired by them, and I believe we are a great team for a very exciting project.

Norwegians hate it when everything is sugarcoated, so let me also report on another issue…. (Radical transparency – right?) Last year I made some good money (*bliss*) – and for that I am truly grateful. Among other things I managed to finance a study-trip to California, and I still kind of manage on last years income, (my last income was in November). So here is the painful reality to being an entrepreneur: No cash in December and January. Kicking off projects in February, working for a month before I can invoice anyone, my clients prefer a month as payment deadline -> money to me: April. Yup, that’s how life is as an entrepreneur. I’m glad I knew this, so I come somewhat prepared…. 😅 But, seriously – people who consider entrepreneurship need to know this, and that’s why I keep saying that this way of life is not for everyone.

However – in addition to being a realist, I am optimistic and positive by nature. So, now back to the good stuff. 😉

My new work-life is still far from structured but I’m getting better day by day. I had no idea that there is so much to do, and a lot of stuff takes so long;

  • I don’t like the accounting-stuff, however I know I need to learn this so I’m forcing myself to do it. I want to outsource this as soon as I’m through the typical startup-phase. When I know the “valleys of death” are survived, I hope I can check that off the list by some time next year?
  • I love the study-part. I have made a vow to myself to stay ahead of my clients on areas concerning my field of business. That involves a lot of reading which I love. I haven’t made any New Year-resolutions, but I will read for at least two hours every day. So far, so good.
  • Still working on my concept and I’ve realized it’s something I’ll do continuously. As opposed to few years ago when most tasks had an ending, I see now that life and work is about constant optimization, continual development, and I learn something new and valuable every single day.
  • I love talking to people. Exchanging thoughts on common interests, and challenging each other’s views. (That’s growth, right?). I think this is something we all should do more of. I belive that with all the artificial intelligence available, it’s of utmost importance that we develop the skills that make us human, like emotions and communication.
  • My passion is making people and businesses better in any way I can, and my mission is that people and businesses shall improve and grow through working with me. It’s a bold mission, and it triggers me – just as a mission is supposed to do. 😍 It also keeps me “on my toes” all the time, constantly looking for new stuff I can use to improve me and everyone around me.

I am grateful every single day that I made a bold move to become an entrepreneur. I “collect” signs that I’ve made the right decision, and the best part of that is that when I focus that way I see so many signs proving me right. I’m pretty sure I’d find signs proving the contrary as well if I wanted – but who wants that?

Anyway, my point is – if you’ve got a feeling something is right for you, you’re probably right. And always remember there is no one who knows better than you, what is right for you. Do not listen to people who think they know, because they don’t. Appreciate people who challenge you by asking questions you find hard to answer, those relations are valuable because they care. They give you advise by asking profound questions you likely need to be able to answer before you make a decision that will change your life. I have been surrounded by great friends, family, leaders, role models – and I’ve been blessed by especially two no less than great psychologists teaching me about leadership, and challenging my mindset in ways I’d never imagined.

The best sign I could ever dream of getting was a telephone call from a recruiting agency a couple of weeks ago. They thought I could be right for a vacant position involving i.e. managing around 160 people. How about that? Do you think that phone call made my day? I’ll tell you – it quite possibly made my year…. Woooohoooo – to think they would even consider me! And for me to politely tell them I would have loved that opportunity “in my former life”, but right now I’m right where I’m supposed to be. That feels amazing. I hope you take note of every small or big sign worth paying attention to around you.

Peace & love, 


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