A couple of big questions

So, today I have a coupe of big questions, related to stories in the news, trust critical thinking and our ability to think fast and slow…. (I love that book in case you haven’t read it! I might recommend the audio version though, it’s a tough one to read, at least it was for me).

Occasionally I come across stories in the news that make me wonder if we are still capable of critical thinking in a good way, or if our critical thinking skills are being disrupted by all the fake news, propaganda machines, “great” marketers who come disguised as presidents, chairmen and businessleaders….? Consultants even…..

I mean, how is it that we trust that the same consultants who have helped the American president carry out his cynical immigration policies, can also help businesses become purposeful and make impact in line with i.e. UNs Sustainability Goals?

Or – are you okay as long as you return “dirty” money, since you didn’t know they were “dirty” when you received them? A Norwegian thinktank received donations from Jeffrey Epstein, long before most of us knew anything about who he turned out to be. But when it’s out in the open that it’s bad business to have been doing business with him, the thinktank decides to donate the same amount of money to a good purpose. My question is – are they okay then? Shouldn’t they have done better research around the money before they accepted them in the first place? And – I mean – when you have made bad judgement, shouldn’t you just come clean, talk about that, let people know you have learnt a lesson, implemented better routines etc. to ensure this will not happen again – in stead of trying to make it all go away by using the opportunity to promoting oneself as a do-gooder by donating “the money” to a good cause? I don’t know, something doesn’t feel right….

But I am seriously wondering if I’m just complicating everything here…? Am I trying “to be Jesus” – you know what I mean? I really don’t – in case you wonder – like really really don’t!

So I guess it’s right to point out that I come with a ton of flaws! I have such a bad temper, I have made so many bad judgements, I am way too fond of shopping, driving my diesel-driven car, I critisize way too much…. In other words, I’m human. I’ve read some Nietzsche, and his thoughts around crossing the bridge to go from animal to become Übermensch is fascinating. Everytime we make bad judgements and learn from them, we get closer to the other end of that bridge. But if we do mistakes and we don’t use them as cases for learning – and in addition try to disguise them – I don’t know, but I don’t think you are making the right progress….

I don’t want to become one of those public critics, but I am concerned we’re not spending our time right if we don’t question our desicions and judgements. Whatever we do, we should have an active view on why we make the decisions we mak, and why we decide to trust some people and businesses, and not others. I also think critical thinking is one of the best gifts we can pass on to our children on their way to making a good life for themselves.

Good riddans – feels all right to get all that off my mind! 😅

I’m off to a lecture from a professor on future nimble businesses now. Professors are great at critical thinking, so this should be good!

Wishing you a great weekend with much peace & love!

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