What is your theme song?

Do you remember this?

I absolutely LOVE this scene! I love the music, John, the guys, Ally Mcbeal and the whole feeling it brings up in me. JOY! And at work! Can you imagine having that kind of workplace? A place where you can play, dance, have fun in an environment that is so safe that whatever you do, it’s okay, where no one is going to laugh at you, but with you – and just enjoy the ride. Yeah! That’s what I want! 💃🏼

I’ve always had a theme song. A song that brings out the best in me, and that I need to listen to if I’m in a rut. If I’m in a situation where I can’t get out, I don’t know my way out or if I’m just feeling sad and lonely. The music ALWAYS help! Not that it solves anything, but it reminds me that I have this power to change whatever I don’t like. I just need some time to think about it, not swipe an issue under the rug, but go in and dig deep. Cut it in pieces, and solve it piece by piece. Just like the famous blind men and the elephant. (If you’re not familiar with that, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it if you google elephant analogy…. 😉).

Back to the theme song. John had the same one throughout the whole Ally Macbeal series I think. My song changes. And it’s not to be mistaken with a favorite song. I will always love “What a wonderful world” and some other favorites, but my theme song is something else. It’s my power-song. For a while now it’s been Lizzo’s “Juice”. Have you heard it? Or seen it? Lizzo is amazing, and so are her songs. Check it out:

This song just makes me happy and want to dance! I love the groove, the girl-power, the confidence and the carma Lizzo exudes.

You should find one yourself!

If you’ve read this blog this year I hope you have done your homework! 😍 Because then you’ll be on you way to know what held you back from doing what you wanted to accomplish last year, and you’ve started to figure out who you want to be from now on.

So which song is going to bring out the best in you? Which song will make you brave enough to just screw your typical obstacles, and give you power to just go ahead with your big plan? What do you need to hear to feel joy?

I say you go get yourself a glass of wine, a speaker for your spotify-tunes and a room with plenty of space to dance! Find the tune that really gives you magic and tingelig joy! And have FUN!

Have a great Saturday evening – and a weekend with peace & love.

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