Be yourself. More. With skill.

The topic is from one of the best leadership books I’ve ever read, “Why should anyone be lead by you?” by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones. It was part of our syllabus when I studied leadership, and it focuses on authentic leadership, and how important it is for a leader to be true to who he or she is when leading others. I think we all should do it. Be ourselves, more and with skill. It doesn’t matter whether we are leaders, parents, a friend or a sister. I think our path to a more meaningful life, is through being ourselves. More. With skill. 😍

Have you figured out who you truly are? I have a pretty good sense, and I have this GPS-system in my core region sending me clear signals when I start drifting away from my true self. Isn’t that amazing? To have an instrument that works like that. I am uttrely gobsmacked.

Anyway. I was thinking about authenticity when I watched CNNs morning news this week. I mean, my God, does anyone think that the President of the United States is an authentic person? How can people trust this guy? Did you watch his State of the Union show? I am horrified! My plan was to not get political here, on my “free space” and happy place, but I just can’t help myself anymore! 😱

I feel as though I am watching a bad tv-show. Like it’s a new season of House of Cards, and it’s so far from what I believe to be true, I just can’t take it seriously. An American President staging a State of the Union speech. Hiring producers for one purpose – make people emotional. “Use whatever it takes, just make them emotional. Have them cry with joy and emotion because someone became a hero, had their father back, have a great memory of some heroic father….” I should have been sorry for mocking this because if you isolate the «supporting actors and actresses» from the President and the fact that they are there for all the wrong reasons, They have of course stories that they are entitled to tell. Just not there and for those reasons.

I think the time has come now for everyone to take a stand on important issues. To me it is important who our world leaders are, and I do N O T want the kind of leaders the current President of the USA is representing.

I want the authentic ones. The ones who are true to themselves. Who dare to show their true feelings, and who they truly are as a person. Who are they as a friend, parent, partner and profesionally. Great leaders care about a greater cause, more than they care about them selves, their title and position. Who truly look for the best long term solutions, who dare to make hard decisions today because they know they are making the best choice for the long run. Who keep their critical coworkers close, because they are curious and they know that listening to all sides of a story almost always results in new learning and understanding.

Edelman Trust Barometer presented during World Economic Forum in Davos this year, shows that we are loosing faith in authorities and media. We are looking for trust in our own local areas. I recognize that. I want to do business with people I know. I respect brave politicians who stand for something, and who are willing to fight for the causes that are important to them, but it’s getting so hard to know who these politicians are. I often can’t tell what is authentic and what is fake media. I find it so hard to understand that our democracies are actually threatned because of all this. It is incredibly sad. But it is also a great opportunity for people who are brave enough to stand for something. Making a stand and having people believe in you takes time. It is about building trust over time. Staying true to one self, taking a stand, showing who you are and what you believe in. Being authentic. Be yourself – more – with skill.

Okay. So no homework today. Just a few short questions. Are you authentic? Do you stand for what you believe in? And are you ready to take a stand and fight for it? I believe we should. All of us.

Peace and love!

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