10 suggestions for joy these days

I get that it’s hard to stay focused on the positive sides of life right now. We’re all being challenged on all levels – our health and our economy. For those of us living in a family it’s hard to stay well-functioning when we’re stuck 24/7 within pretty limited spaces. And for those of us living alone, it might be even harder. Being alone at times like this isn’t good for any of us. I truly hope everyone have someone to talk to, and to meet up with for virtual chats over coffees or wine – otherwise you should join a social community for instance on facebook. There are so many great groups now, where you can chat with likeminded people. Go do it if you’re lonely!

But – here are things to do that should bring you some joy if you need suggestions these days. These are a few of my favorite things, (oh yeah – remember Julie Andrews? 😍). I do this when I need to rise my spirits, put aside my fear for awhile, not cope with challenges – when I need instant joy. Hope it works for you as well!

  1. Forget the cup of coffee, go for wine! It doesn’t matter what time it is, how many calories it contains, if you’re with your children or whatever. What matter is that you take that O N E glass, and that you don’t do it too often. Remember to enjoy!
  2. Work on your happy-list on Spotify. If you don’t have one, make one. (Check out my list if you like, and please feel free to add songs that make you happy!) My list contain songs that I either love (and always will love), or they are attached to treasured memories, and people who are dear to me.
  3. Work on your happy-list in life. Again, if you don’t have one, make one. Don’t make a big deal of it – you can do that too, but not now, now you are seeking instant joy, remember? So what would make you happy right now? Think of Julie Andrews and her song about her few favorite things. Flowers? Go get them! Yes, we are low on cash these days, but it might be worth spending a little bit on one beautiful flower that brings you joy whenever you look at it. Put on nailpolish! Do your hair in a new way – there are tons of suggestions on how-to on youtube!
  4. Work on your happy-list for work. What is it that you miss doing at work? Write it down, and make sure you get to do more of it when you’re back in a more normal business. What would you love to do, but don’t get to? Write it down and start working on how you will make it happen when you’re back in business. Make a list – or a plan of changes you’d like to make, once you can.
  5. Decide on the two (or maximum three) times you’ll check the news. And decide on the three channels you’ll check when you’re checking. I suggest one local (news channel, radio or newspaper), one national and one global. And stay away from the news at any other hours.
  6. Make a list of books you want to read and start reading. If you’re not used to reading I can assure you it’s easy getting used to. You’ll experience a sacred time when you, your book, a cup of tea (or glass of wine) can sit or lie down in a favorite spot. Find a spot you like, get your favorite pillow(s), blanket, spotlight and your flower. Make it your happy-spot! (If you have no idea of which book to start on, you can check out goodreads.com – I love that app!).
  7. Make an awesome-list! (This I really love!) You know how you have days when you just wake up feeling happy and awesome? Make a list of what you do those days. What do you wear? What do you eat? How do you start those days? How do you work out? What do you listen to? Who do you meet, and talk to? That list is so great for the days when you wake up feeling the opposite. (You can make the shitty days a little bit better by copying the things on your awesome-list).
  8. Check out edutainment shows on Netflix! I can highly recommend Tony Robbins, My Next Guest (David Letterman), Heal, the Goop Lab (yeah, I know it was slaughtered by the critics, but I loved it… ), One Strange Rock.
  9. Check out amazing talks on TED.com! I’m sure most of you will love everything with Brenè Brown – she is truly amazing. I also love Elizabeth Gilbert and oh, you must watch Sir Ken Robinson’s “Do schoools kill creativity?” – he is so good! But you can search amazing and interesting talks on pretty much any subject you’re into. And they are often short – around 10 minutes, and hardly ever more than 20. (If you’re down you’ll find great talks on happyness – you can take notes on how to find it).
  10. Go for a walk even if you’re not up for it. Walking always helps. And if you just want to be alone, put on your happy-list from spotify, or listen to a podcast while you walk, look down when you meet other people – you can pretend you’re either deeply into what you’re listening to, or you’re just being considerate not walking too close to people these days.

I’d love suggestions for my happy-list on Spotify, I made it a couple of years ago, and I should add more tunes to it now. Comment below – please!

Remember that you always have a choice. You can let yourself be dragged down into darkness, it’s really easy these days. But you can also decide to make this break that we’ve all received, as good as possible – spend the extra time well, and prepare for a new and better normal.

Truly wishing you all joy and happiness in these crazy times!

Peace & love.

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