Thanks for the memories….

I have so many great memories, I think I could create an entire blog devoted to that sole subject. I have so many friends and family-members to be grateful for and thankful to.

I catch my self thinking so often about my friends who live far away from me. I have one dear friend in Australia, a dear one in Holland and several friends and great families in the States. I love them all so much, and I wonder how they have come to make such a deep impact on me. How come they are such a profound part of me, even when I hardly ever see or speak to them physically? Why is that, and how can that be?

Of course it has to do with my history, and the history we have shared and experienced together.

My Aussie-friend had been to the States the same year as me, we happened to “land” in the same class, both of us being fairly competitive (who spoke best English, who ran faster and so on ;-) – she brought out the best in me, I think, and we just really hit it off. When her parents moved away for a few weeks (or was it months?) she moved in with me and my family, and we had the greatest time. We were 17, we did our share of partying, laughing, dancing – and, okay, maybe we should have done some more homework, but in those days we managed with less effort than my children need to put in today. (Or maybe it’s just me worrying more….?) Anyway, my 17th year was as good as a 17th year could be, and she played a huge part in it :-)

My Dutch friend and I met on vacation in Bulgaria, I was vacationing with my family. I went on my last vacation with my parents and my younger siblings. Oh, what to do.… And there she was, this beautiful creature! She looked so Scandinavian (more Scandinavian than me), very tall (much taller than me), very slender (yup, more slender than me), very blond and with the best complexion. She was on vacation with her mother. We two so hit it off! She loved what I loved – parties, laughs, dancing, fashion, smoking…. (sorry kids, this was way back in the early 80’s – cancer just didn’t exist… Anyway, being Duch, she smoked with her mother….). She was sixteen and I was seventeen. We were teenagers on holiday in a country where the sun always shines – with no parties, no discos (Bulgaria had a long history of communism…..), siblings and parents negotiating what to do…. Well, I loved being with my friend, laughing, shopping and basically having no worries at all. After that summer she has been to visit me several times, while I have still not been in Amsterdam…. Such a bummer of me really :-( Back in the days I couldn’t afford going, and now – well, there are always plans involving other places. But in spite of that, I truly, really miss seeing this beloved friend. We hardly ever talk, yet she has a very special place in my heart. We did make plans, that time in Bulgaria – Golden Sands ;-) To grow up, have children, husbands and loads of money – and the two of us would meet in various cities around the world, to go shopping together, sharing wine, music, memories and long talks. – Not exactly loads of money – but we must get around to at least one great city….. ;-)

Then there are the States. The USA. Oh, how I love that country, my friends and my family over there <3

I left my small island on the Western coast of Norway, at the age of 16, to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to stay for a senior year with my absolutely fantastic family! I had such a blast. I can’t even try to explain how wonderful that year was for me. Looking back it’s hard to imagine anyone else having had as good experience as me. Living la vida loca! Allthough, that’s not entirely true, it was not a crazy life, but it was crazy happy. Why? Well, everything I guess. – My family obviously, watching late night movies with my cousin who I feel so related to <3

FilmerGreat classics like The wizard of Oz, Sound of music, Grease, Carrie, Friday the 13th and so many more, while eating the best ice cream and wearing Lexington-like pajama under the duvets. My “mom” taking me shopping, to the theatre, introducing me to ballet and opera that I love so much. (Thank you, my dear A.!) Taking dance-classes the year Michael Jackson hit the billboards with Thriller and Beat it! Going to high school – oh, so great! To Prom, TWIRP and Homecoming ;-) And Americans are just the best native hosts! It was so easy to become friends and living as though you had been part of their lives since way back when. My fabulous friends – oh, joy! <3 (B., hope it’s all right I “stole” your photo!) Going to Kalamazoo, New York, Florida and vacationing in San Jose with more great family. I had the best year anyone could ever have, and I am still so grateful. It has formed my life, who I have become – no doubt.


I so hope my daughters will have as many great memories as I do when they reach my age. I hope they’ll look back and embrace the great moments with friends and family. That they will think back and recognize some of those choices that have been of great impact to them. And I hope former good choices will enable them to make new, good ones. All in all I guess I hope they’ll be as fortunate as I’ve been – I’ll certainly do what I can for that to happen. That’s probably every parents wish :-)

Anyway – I got to dash ;-) Picking up a kid from practice and another one from a friends house ;-)

Wishing you all great days and a happy and memorable week – with loads of peace & love!



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