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Trying out blogging in English…..

BlogI have so many dear ones not speaking Norwegian, so – just in case any of them are remotely interested – I am going to blog in English, occasionally anyway ;-) It’s also a great way for me to practice my English writing.

This blog started out as a project, actually it still is a project. Since I studied social media a few years ago, I have wanted to learn more about the various ways of social communicating. The only media I really wanted to know better, but didn’t know at all was blogging, and we were told during the course that the only way to learn was to actually get a blog and start blogging…. I thought that was kind of scary, so it took me some years before I built up enough courage to actually do it. I was also skeptical as to if I would have enough time to keep a blog, I had heard it was pretty time-consuming…..

Well, I decided to blog for a year, mainly for learning, but maybe what really drove me was the curiosity. I have learned some all right…..

  1. It does take a lot more time than I could ever have guessed!
  2. It is a lot more fun than I could imagine!
  3. I love getting the positive feedback ;-)
  4. I so enjoy reading other blogs
  5. I so enjoy realizing that what may seem very scary might not be scary at all…..
  6. I love the fact that I’m getting older and don’t really care if I make a fool of myself anymore ;-)
  7. I am content with the fact that a lot of people think this is so incredibly ridiculous ;-)
  8. I become more and more fond of social media as an instrument for keeping in touch, connecting, learning, planning, sharing (is caring ;-) and so much more!
  9. Time consuming or not – blogging is a great way of making a statement, sharing an opinion, be a voice – without having to put it in some newspaper ;-)
  10. As a proffesional communicator I love the fact that blogging is a great way to build character (or wreck it….)

So, my dearest friends – I will not be offended if you don’t have the energy or interest in reading my blog, but I do love it if you «stop by» occasionally ;-)

Until next time – lots of peace & love to you all!


Da er denne blåst liv i igjen! Litt av og på de siste par årene, men intensjonen har vært god. Startet blogging som et prosjekt for å lære "faget", men fant "peace" i skrivestilen. Det blir litt som en åpen dagbok.... Tusen takk til de av dere som har fulgt meg så langt, og tusen takk til alle som vurderer å bli med videre ;-) Peace & love!

1 comment on “Trying out blogging in English…..

  1. Du inspirerer som alltid Kristine:) Thanks!

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