My second PechaKucha coming up!

Okay, I’m so nervous again. Last time I did a PK (Pecha Kucha), my first time, and sickeningly nervous. I didn’t sleep well for weeks ahead. I would wake up at night thinking “OMG, I still don’t know my story, and what if my “theme” doesn’t capture anyone in the audience!” And thoughts like that, I’m sure you know what I mean….


But, I did alright I think. At least I had the best audience, cheering me along, giving me self-confidence. ‘Cause you need self-confidence to do this. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s enough to tell yourself you’ve got what it takes, and make yourself believe it, at least for the crucial days – before, during and right after ;-)

Anyway. I am so flattered to be asked to do presentations. PK is a challenging way to present, but I love the concept and it’s so much more fun and entertaining than the traditional way. Especially if you’re not a professional presenter – I guess the good ones can do whatever they want, ’cause they’re good storytellers either way and no matter how they do it.

I want to start by focusing on the storytelling this time. For my first PK I spent so many hours contemplating on various subjects, pictures, storylines and trying to narrow everything down to fit the concept. Oh – I didn’t tell you about the concept! Basically it’s just this: 20×20 -> 20 images for 20 seconds each. You show an image for 20 seconds and talk for 20 seconds until the next one appears. When you start, the images advance automatically, and you talk along to the images. (If you’re interested in more details, check out PechaKucha 20×20). 20 seconds times 20 images totals 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Not a long story if the story is well told. (If it’s not, 6,40 minutes is a long time…..).

My storyline this time is Entrepreneurship.

I’m Kristine. 48 years. Married to a great guy whom I have three wonderful girls with. All three of of them amazing in their own way. I have worked in marketing for more than 20 years. I started out in the oil industry, had a brief year in real estate and have so far, ended up in banking. Recent years I have completed a masters degree in communication and leadership. In every way and in all aspects of my life, that investment in knowledge has been profound.

Working in marketing in DNB in this part of the country has been exciting. I started working with the DNB-brand around 5 years ago. Our marketing strategy had just been invigorated by new thoughts, new ideas and new discipline leaders. I saw it as a great opportunity for me. I wanted to turn around the image our brand in my area. Especially in Stavanger our main competitor was so good at everything they did. But so were we! We just hadn’t been good enough at showing it.

I wanted to show it! We had to let the market, the people and our potential customers get to know us. I new this would take a lot of effort and dedication. I knew it would be hard work. Together with my loyal, dedicated and very competent colleagues I knew we had so much to offer. I’ve always enjoyed hard work and challenges. As long as I have fun meanwhile ;-)

I’ve had S O  M U C H  F U N ! I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people – within and outside my own organisation. And I’ve learned so much. Just imagine the fun of working with organisations like Kongeparken and Oilers/DNB Arena. Both these two organisations are best at what they do in their respective fields. I get to work closely with our own marketing department, and with a complete lack of modesty, I truly think they are the best marketing department in Norway. I really do. When you get to work with the best, of course some of their magic rubs off on us ;-)

In 2013 we decided we wanted to become the preferred bank for entrepreneurs. I knew little about the entrepreneurs at the time, so I needed to get out of my office, find out where they were, spend some time with them and try to understand their world. Get to know them. Get to know their needs, what they wanted from their bank. I think this journey has been possibly the best professional journey I’ve ever experienced. Fascinating, engaging and I’ve widened my knowledge in so many ways. Let me share some of this with you.

Stavanger loves entrepreneurs.

We’ve reached a crossing in our region. We’ve been too dependant in the Oil & Gas industry, probably for too long. The Oil & Gas production will still continue for decades, but with less people and less need for local infrastructure. So we need new ideas, new companies, new places to work, new entrepreneurs.

We are so fortunate though. Having developed a wide range of advanced technology. A technology we know can be used in new areas. We have become a Smart City. We have a mayor who together with her organisation are working so hard, nudging and urging everyone to participate in creating 10.000 new jobs by 2020. We have many companies, us included, who want to help in any possible way to make entrepreneurs succeed with their companies and startups. Together with institutions such as Innovasjon Norge, Skape, Ipark, NAV, Stavanger Chamber we are the entrepreneurs’ fan club.

We have Stavanger Øst – East. We call it “østre bydel”, (the eastern district). I just love that place! It’s Stavangers Silicon Valley. The new generation entrepreneurs work, live and party here. And grownups like myself want to spend as much time there as possible, thinking that some of their magic also will rub off on me ;-)

We have become a part of the community in and around the coworkingspaces in østre bydel. I hope the people at Mess & Order and Innovation Dock consider us a part of their environment. They need our competence, our guidance and our knowledge. And we need their enthusiasm, their startups, their energy and positivity. Their new ideas on how to work together, how to make each other better by sharing as much knowledge as possible and paying all good forward, all this makes a great impact on our own organisation. They definitely are disruptors in our settled way of organising stuff – it’s challenging, it’s fun and it’s so darned necessary! ;-)

Entrepreneurs are so creative. They’re so engaged and dedicated in what they do. I think they must be, to succeed. I think entrepreneurs live, breathe and sleep their idea for a long time. They must be “on” 24/7. So no doubt – if you want to succeed, you must be prepared to invest your whole life into your idea for probably years, possibly for ever….


But – what I love about the idea of being an entrepreneur is that they enjoy working hard, as long as they have fun doing it! Imagine owning an idea other people want and depend on. That must be meaningful – and fun ;-)

So. If I’m gonna wrap this up. I would love to pay some of this forward:

  1. Please, use these challenging times in Stavanger as best as you can. Make this the times of opportunity! It’s never been better times for starting your own business. There are so many in your fan club already! So many of us, just waiting for you to give us an opportunity to help you succeed.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone! Mentally and physically. Disrupt your everyday life.
  3. Be creative! If you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, become one. Start by exploring new places – in your neighbourhood, on the internet, in your own mind. If it’s scary or hard, start by making small changes to your everyday life. Wear colourful socks. Try new food twice a week. Listen to new music. Read new stuff.
  4. Get out there and meet new people! It’s pretty impossible to succeed on your own. Don’t be scared to share your ideas. People want to help people! People will connect you to new people, and great things often happen.
  5. Engage and help others succeed. Pay it forward. Share your experience and knowledge.
  6. Be curious to everything and everyone. There are so many interesting stories out there.


I think this story will take me about 6 minutes and 40 seconds to tell. Now I have to find the images to back me up. And I have to read the story over and over, and hopefully I know it by heart by Thursday evening. Wish me luck! I’m so not going to sleep that well this week. Yup, I’m nervous…..

But Saturday I’m leaving for New York. Now that’s an amazing thought! ;-)

Have a great week!

– Peace & love –



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