New York, and some everyday thoughts…

I love being in New York, a city that never sleeps indeed! Filled with energy and life. Just imagine living in a city where you get to see new places every day! Where you can do nothing at all, and still feel like you’ve been on an adventure. Already missing that big apple… <3

I’d love to live in New York… And according to my colleagues I say this every time I return from what we in Norway call a “big-city” (Norway’s biggest city is Oslo with it’s 650.000 residents. A “big-city” in my terms is like Copenhagen and bigger). But it’s different with New York. My pulse jumps once I land. It’s true! ;-)

I want to become one of those busy retired people. I hope my days are filled with happenings at the libraries, in the theatre, with art-exhibitions and galleries, museums and concerts. I’d have to live in a big-city, and I’m thinking New York will be perfect. Perhaps not for the whole year, but for 3-4 months every year? With lots of time to read in the park. Take the Staten Island ferry. Go to Coney Island, Williamsburg and the Jersey shores…. But most of all I want to L I V E, do people-watching, smile at new people every day, chat with neighbours in a cool neighbourhood, have a glass of wine on my frontdoor-steps while I smell the city and the energy. Yes! That’s a plan! ;-) And maybe it’ll become more than a dream some day, who knows…. ;-)

By the way, I’ve found my neighbourhood. I <3 Tribeca! We stayed at the Hilton Garden In Tribeca. Four girls together in one room. I love that, it reminds me of the slumber parties we used to do way back when…. We wanted to get an airbnb-place, but it’s so expensive in NY! So we ended up at this hotel where I’ve been before. I love it. It’s not at all luxurious. It’s a small, quiet, cosy hotel with a great location. And the people there are so nice! We didn’t eat there, although we tried the breakfast one morning, but it didn’t impress us, so we went out. One of the perks by staying in TriBeCa is the variety of cafes, diners, restaurants and of course the shops! ;-)

I really love New York, and I hope I’ll be back soon… <3

On the Staten Island ferry – looking slightly crazy…. Sorry about that, but it was soo cold! ;-)

I suppose one of the best reasons for taking a trip like I did, is that it gets me out the bubble I constantly feel I’m living in. My sheltered existence here, way up north… With a commuting husband, only home half the week. Days filled with routines and to-do’s. Downsizing processes at work. Thousands of jobs disappearing from the Oil & Gas industry. Increasing unemployment rates. Increasing xenophobia due to the refugee situation… (OMG, do people say xenophobia in English? I tried the translator and that’s the word it came up with… But you know what I mean? Prejudices and racism is what I’m talking about here). That’s the worst! I have such a hard time coping with that. Politicians who create fear, in stead of searching for possibilities. It depresses me, and I get so sad on behalf of my country.

Of course I can feel the fear when I hear about young men ganging up on girls and young women, on buses and festivals. Harassing them in horrible ways. I fear traumatised people and the catastrophic things that can happen. This challenges our “unbearable lightness of being”. Our comfort zone. But I don’t think the comfort zone is a good zone. There is no development. No innovation. A bubble….

So why should’t we rather be curious? Who are these new refugees? Why do they want to come to Norway? This far up north? Why don’t they want to stay in central or southern Europe where there are so much more people, opportunities and sunshine? Actually most of the refugees do prefer more southern countries, but for the few who travel all they way up here – what have made them do that? What are their dreams for themselves and their children? I would love to hear more of their stories….

We have so many problems to solve in Norway. We need to create other businesses than Oil & Gas. We must explore and innovate renewable energies, smart- and healthcare-technologies, more sustainable food and sharing knowledge and competence. Just mentioning a few….. We need disruption, new ideas and more questions. Innovation seldom starts from within. Right now we have loads of people who can help us ask the right questions. See old ways in new ways. Challenge our bubble…. And what are we to do with all this wealth, space and money if it just makes us more scared, isolated and stingy?

I believe in confronting our fear. That’s when we can seek solution and calm. Why fear when we’re actually just insecure? I believe in transparency, wondering and curiosity. Yeah, sure it’s risk taking, but I believe the risk is small compared to the gain we’ll have by welcoming, integrating, cooperating and rather have our new fellow citizens help us solve our tasks for the future.

I wish our politicians could stimulate new ideas on how our new citizens and our extremely competent unemployed, could work together with the rest of the society, creating new business opportunities for the future of our country. I’d really love that.

Have a great evening – or day – wherever you are!

Peace & love

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